Corona virus

Corona virus and travel – what to consider

Corona virus and travel

Tourism is currently in a major crisis due to the Corona virus. Corona virus and travel – the effects are enormous. Travel activities have come to an almost complete standstill in many places. We believe that with the right flight product and the right precautions, you can still travel relatively safely on long-haul routes, but daily entry requirements in countries change so that you either cannot enter or quarantine there or not can travel back more. Plus we strongly advise NOT to travel right now. The following IATA country list gives a very good, up-to-date overview – see here

Due to the corona virus pandemic, almost all major airlines have modified the rebooking and cancellation rules for flights. Using the link below, we would like to give you an overview of both existing and any new bookings – see here

Minimize travel – ideally temporarily to zero

You should currently refrain from travel activities completely, if possible. It is too uncertain how entry requirements will change in the next few days. Possibly, then you get stuck abroad. If travel cannot be avoided at all or if you want to sit far away in a hotel for the next few weeks, then we definitely recommend a Business Class product in 1-2-1 configuration for the flight, where you can get enough distance from other travelers or a First Class product, ideally with suites that also allow maximum distance to fellow travellers. Of course, this does not give 100% protection, but it is significantly less risky than in Economy Class. Find out more on the best seating configurations for Corona Virus and travel below. However, we strongly advise NOT to travel.

Corona virus – precautions for travel

In general, you should take the following precautions when travelling by plane:

  • Hand hygiene is most important. Wash hands regularly with soap for 20 to 30 seconds and disinfect again and again with an at least limited virucidal disinfectant when touching objects or surfaces. Only anti-bacterial disinfectants are better than nothing, but they do nothing against viruses.
  • DO NOT touch your face with your hands.
  • The infection with the corona virus occurs through the mucous membranes. So that they are less susceptible, they have to be kept moist during travel – you can use nasal sprays (e.g. sea salt spray), eye drops and always drink a lot – ideally something every 15 minutes during a flight. Because during a flight, the mucous membranes dry out heavily.
  • Generally, strengthen the immune system as much as possible  – lots of sleep, possibly nutritional supplements
  • Ideally, you should keep a distance of at least 1 meter from other people.
  • No shaking hands – politely refuse to be given a hand and prefer to greet people in a different way
  • Disinfect the seat in the plane with limited virucidal disinfectant wipes (e.g. Sterilium) – in particular, fold-out table, remote control, armrests, buckle or anything else that usually people touch multiple times
  • Be especially careful when going to the toilet. Do not reach door handles by hand, better with a handkerchief that is disposed of immediately. Before leaving, wash your hands thoroughly with soap for 20-30 seconds and open the door again with a cloth and dispose of it immediately. It is best to disinfect your hands again afterwards.
  • Ideally, you bring your own pillow
  • When travelling by bus to and from the plane, it is advisable to either wear disposable gloves, which you can then dispose of without touching the palms of your hands, or to disinfect your hands carefully.
  • At the airport, another “critical” point is security control. Disinfect your hands again after passing through them.
  • Breathing masks are generally not considered useful when it comes to preventing infection. FFP 3 masks are an exception. If you could still get them somewhere, you can consider wearing them in special situations. In principle, however, these are not necessary in most cases.
  • Basically, avoid cash, rather choose card payments.
  • Do not reach doorknobs, elevator buttons, railings etc. and then disinfect your hands immediately afterwards. And NEVER touch your face.

Corona virus and travel – the best flight products

One of the most important points is to keep your distance. Of course, this is not easy with the Corona virus and travel. But if you choose the right business or even first class products, this is of course easier. Unfortunately, there is never 100% protection. In Business Class, 2-2-2, 2-3-2 or 1-2-1 seating configurations are usually installed on long-haul routes. 2-2-2 means: 2 seats on the left, 2 in the middle and 2 on the right. This is not suitable for keeping a distance, since in these configurations the seats themselves are usually also relatively open.

Unfortunately, Lufthansa only installed 2-2-2 configurations on the long haul. The situation is different for Swiss and Austrian, which offer almost only 1-2-1. Emirates has a 1-2-1 in the A380, while the Boeings have a 2-2-2 or 2-3-2. Etihad and Singapore Airlines offer almost only 1-2-1.

Corona-Virus und Reisen - im Etihad Business Studio sicher reisen

The lockable Qsuites from Qatar Airways are particularly attractive in terms of distance.

Corona-Virus und Reisen - sicher in der Qatar Airways Qsuite

Please see a list of airline products below. With regard to corona virus and travel when booking flights, you should always pay attention to which flight product is used, although this can also be changed at short notice in individual cases. At the moment, if you have a choice, you should only book 1-2-1 configurations or suite products. Not every 1-2-1 configuration is ideal. It is always particularly good if the seats are installed offset. This is often the case in the Boeing 787 aircraft and also in the new A350. But it is better to avoid travelling altogether at the moment.

Here in the blog you can always find the currently best offers in Business and First Class.


AirlineAircraftSeat configurationNumber of seatsDoors
LufthansaAirbus A330-300 Layout 12-2-230no
LufthansaAirbus A330-300 Layout 22-2-242no
LufthansaAirbus A340-300 Layout 12-2-230no
LufthansaAirbus A340-300 Layout 22-2-242no
LufthansaAirbus A340-300 Layout 32-2-218no
LufthansaAirbus A340-600 Layout 12-2-244no
LufthansaAirbus A340-600 Layout 22-2-256no
LufthansaAirbus A350-900 Layout 12-2-248no
LufthansaAirbus A350-900 Layout 22-2-236no
LufthansaAirbus A380-8002-2-278no
LufthansaBoeing 747-400 Layout 12-2-2 + 2-3-253no
LufthansaBoeing 747-400 Layout 22-2-2 + 2-3-367no
SwissAirbus A330-3001-2-145no
SwissAirbus A340-3001-2-147no
SwissBoeing 777-300ER1-2-1 / 2-2-167no
British AirwaysAirbus A350-10001-2-156yes
British AirwaysAirbus A380-8002-3-297no
British AirwaysBoeing 747-400 Layout 12-4-252no
British AirwaysBoeing 747-400 Layout 22-4-286no
British AirwaysBoeing 777-200 Layout 12-4-248no
British AirwaysBoeing 777-200 Layout 22-4-232no
British AirwaysBoeing 777-200 Layout 32-4-248no
British AirwaysBoeing 777-200 Layout 42-4-240no
British AirwaysBoeing 777-200 Layout 52-4-232no
British AirwaysBoeing 777-300ER2-4-238no
British AirwaysBoeing 787-101-2-148yes
British AirwaysBoeing 787-92-3-242no
British AirwaysBoeing 787-82-3-235no
Etihad AirwaysAirbus A380-8001-2-170no
Etihad AirwaysBoeing 777-300ER Layout 11-2-140no
Etihad AirwaysBoeing 777-300ER Layout 21-2-128no
Etihad AirwaysBoeing 777-300ER Layout 31-2-140no
Etihad AirwaysBoeing 787-101-2-132no
Etihad AirwaysBoeing 787-9 Layout 11-2-128no
Etihad AirwaysBoeing 787-9 Layout 21-2-128no
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A330-200 Layout 12-2-224yes
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A330-200 Layout 22-2-224no
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A330-200 Layout 32-2-224no
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A330-200 Layout 42-2-224no
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A330-300 Layout 12-2-230no
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A330-300 Layout 22-2-224no
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A350-1000 (Qsuite)1-2-146yes
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A350-9001-2-136no
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A350-900 (Qsuite)1-2-136yes
Qatar AirwaysAirbus A380-8001-2-148no
Qatar AirwaysBoeing 777-200LR2-2-242no
Qatar AirwaysBoeing 777-200LR (Qsuite)1-2-142yes
Qatar AirwaysBoeing 777-300ER Layout 12-2-242no
Qatar AirwaysBoeing 777-300ER Layout 22-2-224no
Qatar AirwaysBoeing 777-300ER Layout 32-2-242no
Qatar AirwaysBoeing 777-300ER Qsuite1-2-142no
Qatar AirwaysBoeing 7871-2-122no
Austrian AirlinesBoeing 767-300ER1-2-126no
Austrian AirlinesBoeing 777-2001-2-1 / 2-2-240no
SASAirbus A330-3001-2-132no
SASAirbus A340-3001-2-140no
SASAirbus A350-9001-2-140no
FinnairAirbus A330-300 Layout 11-2-1 / 2-2-145no
FinnairAirbus A330-300 Layout 21-2-1 / 2-2-132no
FinnairAirbus A350-900 Layout 11-2-146no
FinnairAirbus A350-900 Layout 21-2-146no
IberiaAirbus A330-2001-2-119no
IberiaAirbus A330-300 Layout 11-2-136no
IberiaAirbus A330-300 Layout 21-2-129no
IberiaAirbus A340-600 Layout 11-2-146no
IberiaAirbus A340-600 Layout 21-2-136no
IberiaAirbus A350-9001-2-131no
Turkish AirlinesAirbus A330-200  Layout 12-2-222no
Turkish AirlinesAirbus A330-200 Layout 21-1-130no
Turkish AirlinesAirbus A330-3002-2-222no
Turkish AirlinesBoeing 777-300ER2-3-249no
Turkish AirlinesBoeing 787-91-2-130no
Air FranceAirbus A330-2002-2-230-40no
Air FranceAirbus A340-3002-2-230no
Air FranceAirbus A350-9001-2-134no
Air FranceAirbus A380-8002-2-280no
Air FranceBoeing 777-200ER1-2-128no
Air FranceBoeing 777-300ER1-2-140-42no
Air FranceBoeing 787-91-2-130no
DeltaAirbus A330-2001-2-134no
DeltaAirbus A330-3001-2-134no
DeltaAirbus A350-9001-2-132yes
DeltaBoeing 767-300ER1-2-126-36no
DeltaBoeing 767-400ER1-2-134-40no
DeltaBoeing 777-200ER1-2-128yes
UnitedBoeing 767-300ER1-1-130no
UnitedBoeing 767-400ER2-1-239no
UnitedBoeing 777-200ER Layout 12-4-250no
UnitedBoeing 777-200ER Layout 21-2-150no
UnitedBoeing 777-300ER1-2-160no
UnitedBoeing 787-101-2-144no
UnitedBoeing 787-82-2-236no
UnitedBoeing 787-92-2-248no
EmiratesAirbus A380-8001-2-176no
EmiratesBoeing 777-200LR2-2-242no
EmiratesBoeing 777-300ER2-3-242no
TAP PortugalAirbus A330-2001-2-125no
TAP PortugalAirbus A350-9001-2-134no
Japan AirlinesBoeing 777-200ER1-2-142no
Japan AirlinesBoeing 777-300ER2-3-249APEX Suite
Japan AirlinesBoeing 787-8002-2-238APEX Suite
Japan AirlinesBoeing 787-92-2-244APEX Suite
Singapore AirlinesAirbus A330-3002-2-230no
Singapore AirlinesAirbus A350-9001-2-142no
Singapore AirlinesAirbus A380-8001-2-186no
Singapore AirlinesBoeing 777-200ER1-2-126no
Singapore AirlinesBoeing 777-300ER1-2-148no
Singapore AirlinesBoeing 787-101-2-136no
Brussels AirlinesAirbus A330-2001-2-1 / 2-1-222no
Brussels AirlinesAirbus A330-3001-2-1 / 2-1-230no
EurowingsAirbus A330-3002-2-230no
EurowingsAirbus A340-3002-2-230no
KLMAirbus A330-2002-2-218no
KLMAirbus A330-3002-2-230no
KLMBoeing 747-4002-235no
KLMBoeing 777-200ER2-2-234no
KLMBoeing 777-300ER2-2-234no
KLMBoeing 787-102-2-238no
KLMBoeing 787-92-2-230no
AlitaliaAirbus A330-2001-2-120no
AlitaliaAirbus A330-2001-2-122no
AlitaliaBoeing 777-200ER1-2-130no
AlitaliaBoeing 777-300ER1-2-122no
ThaiAirbus A330-3002-2-236no
ThaiAirbus A350-9001-2-132no
ThaiAirbus A380-8001-2-160no
ThaiBoeing 747-4002-250no
ThaiBoeing 777-200ER2-2-230no
ThaiBoeing 777-300ER1-2-142no
ThaiBoeing 787-82-2-224no
ThaiBoeing 787-91-2-130no
CondorBoeing 767-300ER2-2-230no
Cathay PacificAirbus A330-300 Layout 11-2-139no
Cathay PacificAirbus A330-300 Layout 22-2-224no
Cathay PacificAirbus A350-10001-2-146no
Cathay PacificAirbus A350-9001-2-138no
Cathay PacificBoeing 777-200ER2-3-242no
Cathay PacificBoeing 777-300ER1-2-153no

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