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Fly to Asia in Business Class. To Bangkok EUR 994, to Kuala Lumpur EUR 1,233 or to Abu Dhabi EUR 1,009 ...


Travel in the world's best Business Class to Asia from EUR 1,500 and to Africa EUR 1,478 - the destinations include Bangkok EUR 1,828, Johannesburg EUR 1,790 and Kuala Lumpur EUR 1,645 ...

Fly from EUR 1,666 with Turkish Airlines in Business Class to numerous destinations in Asia until March 2021 - destinations include Tokyo EUR 1,743, Beijing EUR 1,743, Singapore EUR 1,810 and Shanghai EUR 1,753 ...

Star Alliance

Note: Due to the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions and risks, you should currently refrain from unnecessary travel. If you still want to / have to take a trip, you can find out about the current entry regulations... more

Star Alliance

Turkish Airlines to Kuala Lumpur EUR 386

Turkish Airlines sells flights from Zurich to Kuala Lumpur for just EUR 389. You have to book by 06 March for trips up to 20 May, in reality, however, availability is almost only in March. Turkish Airlines serves Kuala... more

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