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Until 03 February, Austrian Airlines sells very cheap one-way flights from Vienna to many destinations in Europe. The travel time to the offers runs until 30 June 2020. Book flights here Amsterdam Athens Barcelona Berlin Birmingham Bucharest Hamburg Kiev... more


Business Class to Europe EUR 1,154

oneworld Business Class EUR 1,154 euros to the Netherlands, EUR 1,187 to Germany or EUR 1,216 to France ...

Star Alliance

At the current Lufthansa Weekend Sale, you can book cheaper Lufthansa Economy Class flights from Germany to destinations in Europe until 17 November. Valid for travel from 07 January to 29 February 2020. Book with Lufthansa  Price examples from... more

Star Alliance

Until 02 December, Lufthansa can book very cheap Austrian Airlines one-way flights from Vienna to many destinations in Europe on the Lufthansa side. Valid for travel until  30 June 2020. From EUR 39, for example, you can travel from... more

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