Overview: where you can travel this summer despite Corona

Last update: 11 June, 11:00 p.m. CEST

Tourist trips within Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been possible again for a few weeks. It is becoming apparent that tourism within Europe will start up again relatively soon, while many strict restrictions still apply to intercontinental travel.

In the following we would like to offer you a regularly updated overview of when you can travel where.

The following countries have already officially confirmed that they want to open to tourists arriving from Germany, Austria or Switzerland without having to go into quarantine:

  • Denmark from 15 June (only from Germany, minimum stay 6 nights, do not stay in Copenhagen or Frederiksberg)
  • Estonia now
  • Greece from 15 June (entry only via Athens, rest of the country from 01 July)
  • Iceland from 15 June (COVID-19 test required on arrival. Free until 30 June, then approx. EUR 100)
  • Italy now
  • Croatia as of now (confirmation of your accommodation location / package tour / other travel reason must be presented upon entry)
  • Latvia now
  • Lithuania now
  • Luxembourg now
  • Malta from 01 July
  • Montenegro now
  • Netherlands immediately (booking accommodation before entry is strongly recommended)
  • Poland from 13 June
  • Portugal now
    • Azores immediately (negative COVID-19 test certificate not older than 72 hours required or temporary quarantine test required on arrival)
    • Madeira from 01 July (free COVID-19 test required on arrival)
  • Sweden now
  • Slovakia from 15 June
  • Slovenia from now on
  • Spain from 01 July
    • Balearic Islands from 01 July
    • Canary Islands from 01 July
  • Czech Republic now (only from Germany and Austria)
  • Hungary now (only from Germany and Austria)
  • Cyprus from 09 June / 20 June (negative COVID-19 test certificate not older than 72 hours required if you arrive before 20 June)

Outside of Europe

  • French Polynesia from 15 July
  • Maldives from 01 July

The information in this incomplete list is non-binding and without guarantee. As you plan your trip, find out more on the official websites of the respective countries and embassies.

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